Nutrisystem for Men Reviews for 2017 – Does It Work As Advertised?

nutrisystem for men

Nutrisystem is a very well known when it comes to weight loss as the company’s commercials have been a mainstay on television and with magazine or print ads for decades at this point. While some people might think of this as a basic diet or something that is aimed purely at one gender, the truth is that Nutrisystem creates programs for individuals with a wide variety of weight loss and fitness goals. Dan Marino, the former NFL quarterback and one of the best ever to play the game, is the current spokesperson for the Nutrisystem plans that are specifically aimed at men who need a balanced diet and need to lose some weight to get back to their optimal health.

How Does Nutrisystem Work?

There is a heavy focus on balanced nutrition that allows for a wide array of dishes to be acceptable just as long as the person stays within their plan. One of the nice things is that helps eliminate boredom with meals and focusing on meals and snacks from pre-packaged meals makes it much easier for individuals on the system to stay with it since they don’t have to worry about lengthy preparation times or cooking from scratch.

While the balanced nutrition is not only calories, but also an important combination of protein, fat, and smart carbohydrates. This would be a pain to figure out on your own but since the meals are pre-made the only thing a person on the system has to do is use the online guides to make their meal plan and since the meals are balanced already you are good to go.

This is highly recommended as a regimen that includes moderate exercise and a focus on fitness, but the Nutrisystem part of things is all about the meals and food preparation.

What Are The Pillars Of The Plan?

There are several different pillars that make up the plan as a whole. One of the big ones is staving off the feelings of hunger or restriction (this can easily become a diet killer if left unchecked) by eating smaller meals or snacks 5 times a day, spread out through the day. This includes eating fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement the pre-packaged meals and snacks that you received.

The idea is steady noticeable progress that isn’t too much of a shock to the system but delivers enough consistent positive reinforcement to help you stay the course. This should lead to an average consistent weight loss of about 1-2 pounds per week and the plan delivers one month of supplies at a time, delivered right to your door so you are ready to go as soon as it arrives and are set until the next month’s shipment arrives.

Three Plans Available

Currently there are three plans available under the Nutrisystem for men branch of the plan: Basic Plan, Core Plan, and then the customized Uniquely Yours Plan. Each of the three are priced slightly differently, but are still in the same field. Obviously a customized plan is going to be a little bit more while the basic plan is going to be the least expensive of the three options but they all provide a viable path to getting the weight loss results that you want.

The basic plan takes all thought out of it, shipping the meals and snacks that are pre-planned for you and that’s it. You don’t have freedom of choice here, but these plans are packaged with variety in mind to help give you the best overall plan that you are likely to stick with.

The core plan has over 100 foods to choose from and gives you more options in figuring out what works for you and includes a strong online community support that can help encourage you to stay the course and connect with others who are going through the same thing.

Finally, there’s the custom free that gives maximum choice and the widest array of options to set up and put together the perfect plan that will help you stick with it and succeed in your weight loss goals long-term.

Pros Of These Plans

There are many positives to these plans. There is a long history of success stories and by taking out the need to shop, prepare ingredients, and cook these plans make it very easy to stay on track and avoids the temptation of going to the store where there is junk food galore to tempt you.

If you go beyond the basic plan you will also get support from professionals as well as individuals who are going to act as a community. This is definitely a positive to weight loss.

Finally, by focusing on balanced nutrition and sustainable goals it will be easier to keep the weight off at the end since you won’t be using a low carb diet or other gimmick that might not be sustainable long term.

Cons Of These Plans

As good as this plan has been to many men, there are some downsides that we need to cover. One is the fact that the expense can be on the high side of what some people can afford. As of this writing the Basic plan starts at around $330 a month and the other plans are more expensive.

There’s also the fact that if you are the type who has poor impulse control, you will still struggle to not buy junk food or drinks. This is a problem that still needs to be dealt with no matter what program you’re on.

What’s The Verdict?

While there are some cons there’s no doubt that the pros outweigh them by quite a bit. If you are looking for a good plan and can afford it, Nutrisystem is a great choice for men.